The Changing face of CBD - Testimonial by James Walford


Over the last few years CBD has been launched into the main stream. It can now be found in a variety of high street stores and all over the internet. For a long time CBD had a stigma cast over it due to the fact it came from the cannabis plant. However due to changing views on cannabis and the fact CBD is not psychoactive it has become one of today's hot topics within the wellness trend.


One of the problems encountered has been a lack of knowledge about the product itself, and also how it interacts with the body. It is understood that we have a regulator inside us known as the endocannabinoid system. However because of the legal status of cannabis very little research has been done into the way that the plant’s constituents effect our physiology. This will change but it’ll take time.

Another issue is the lack of regulation of CBD products which is needed to assure quality.


This has lead to products being made available that quite often are overpriced and in many cases not fit for purpose due to the technology used. CBD has on the whole tended to come in 3 forms. I'm aware that other products exist but for the sake of this article I will focus on Oil based, vape liquid/dabs and water soluble. Oil based and inhaled CBD have been around a while but both come with quite major flaws. With oil based you only absorb a maximum of 10% of the CBD. When CBD is inhaled the amount absorbed rises but only to on average 31%.

I spent years reading about the benefits of CBD but when I experimented I received no noticeable health improvement. I knew it should be helping my Crohn's disease but it wasn't. After wasting a huge amount of time and money I eventually gave up assuming that CBD products wouldn't help me. To put this into perspective I once went from London to Holland to pay nearly £200 for a bottle of product that did nothing. I was very ill at the time and it was so disheartening. One of my main drives for wanting to work in this industry has been so that no patient will have to go through what I did again.


This is where water soluble comes in. With Iberoptima’s new formula you absorb 95% of the CBD. Iberoptima’s products are %100 organic and I have not found a better company for customer service. The award winning Swiss technology that goes into every bottle shows you how far this company has gone to assure quality. When you hear the words organic and Swiss pharmaceutical technology you would assume it cost the earth. It is €45 for a 10ml bottle of CBD isolate. I use a 1/2 ml once a day and experience total symptom relief for €2.25 a day. All I can say is 5 years ago if you'd told me one day I'd feel this healthy I'd have offered a lot more.


The fact that i can now achieve a high daily dose of CBD easily means noticeable effects almost straight away. I have had a hellish time with Crohn's disease which sadly is the norm. I make a smoothie every morning with 25mg of Iberoptima's CBD and also 50mg of their fantastic curcumin extract. This combination with a small amount of frozen fruit and a few scoops of meal replacement powder is doing what countless pharmaceutical medications and surgery couldn't.


I am for the first time as an adult able to live a normal life. I don't suffer from pain or cramps anymore. My appetite is normal and I'm able to get a good nights sleep. I used to be scared to leave the house in case I had a crohns attack while I was out of the house. I now know that as long as I've had my morning CBD and curcumin infused smoothie I'll be ok. Another thing I'd like to mention is that since starting on this new regime my consumption of paracetamol and prescription pain killers had dropped to zero. I also no longer need my knee support for cycling.


In conclusion I'd just like to thank Iberoptima for giving me my life back.

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