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This product has really given me a chance to get back to my normal self. Before, I could barely walk, get out of a chair, and during the winter months had to have a hot water bottle behind my back just to stop the pain. I have been using Iberoptima for about three months. I would definitely tell friends who have the same problem to get some. Thank you 30th June 2023 Heather Ross
I just wanted to share something with you all. I started CBD and the curcumin 3 weeks ago and at the same time I decided it would be a good time to wean off the fluoxetine (prozac). I was diagnosed as depressed 14 years ago, and I tried to come off them one time when I moved back to the U.K. and had a break down (long story short) when I moved back to Spain in 2017 doctor basically said, “Rebecca you are depressed, you have to take the pills forever” ok I thought, that’s it then, and have done 20mg daily ever since. When I had my breakdown they were upped to 60mg a day along with lorazepam for a short time, then back to 20mg daily.
Today, I woke up actually after a rubbish nights sleep thanks to a damn mosquito 🦟, and after a slight kickstart, I felt amazing!!! Clear headed, focused, energised ready to take on the world! I had a shower and washed my hair (something I hate 😂) put on a full face of make up (normal, not night out!) and felt happy! Truly happy.
So to anyone toying with trying CBD and/or curcumin, do it! I finally feel like me, and after so long I’m so glad to have me back!!! 01April2022 Rebecca Dowes
I am 73 years old and for the past three years have suffered with a nerve pain in my right jaw. After visits to Dentist , Hospital and strong pain killers through Doctor I was getting desperate. The only respite I was getting was via my local Physio. I went on to your CBD 5% Full Spectrum ,Curcumin and 369 and have had great results , getting a full nights sleep and waking up feeling reinvigorated.In the meantime have stopped taking all pain killers.My Wife is also taking all three with excellent results.
We are also using your Beeswax Balm on our knees and me on my neck where I suffer arthritis following breaking my neck ten years ago and we are both happy with the pain relief. I need to buy some more balm please!!
17th March 2021 Mike Wisby 

I’ve started to take curcumin supplement to help with my menopause symptoms, I’ve been on it now about 7weeks.I am getting a better sleep at night, (bliss) it has also helped with brain fog associated with Menopause definitely beginning to get my pre menopause memory back . The amount of hot flushes I usually have in a day have decreased and I’m generally feeling better in myself . Definitely recommend to all you menopause ladies struggling out there. 1st Sept 2020Donna Sheilds

I have been taking the CBD Full Spectrum for 2 months now and just can't believe the difference. I was previously taking Tramadol on a regular basis for arthritis pain relief, now only have to take one occasionally. Being a type 2 diabetic, my sugar levels have also evened out so all very good. I have just received an order for Curcumin and CBN so looking forward to seeing those results. Great products and fantastic personal service. 9th May 2020 Pauline Bargery

Our old golden retriever was failing badly, and we had almost made the heartbreaking decision to let her go. We tried everything, the vets had her on strong pain relief and she wasn’t happy.

We tried as a last effort the cbd and followed the instructions given clearly by Kelly. The results are amazing, reduced tramadol after first week and vets can’t believe her progress. So relieved. 17th May 2020 Helen Fothergill

I've been fortunate to try several different products and would highly recommend them all. Q10 & Vitamin E is very easy to take. I can take them as drops straight on my tongue as they have very little taste, and it's certainly not unpleasant. The benefits have been to my whole system. My skin felt softer and surprisingly my digestive system improved too. Curcumin 6% has a definite taste and colour to it, and is not as pleasant to consume, although taking the drops in a glass of squash disguises the taste. It leaves a residue on the glass, but if you make another drink in the same glass, the residue disappears and the taste is minimal. I have tried this for symptoms of perimenopause and didn't really appreciate the benefits until I stopped taking them for a week whilst unwell. It seems to bring balance to my moods and I sleep more easily and deeply.Frankincense is highly flavoured and quite bitter to taste. It's not the easiest to disguise the flavour in a drink, although putting the drops onto something with a strong savoury taste works well. I've not tried it for long enough to report the benefits, but will update soon.In all, the benefits far outweigh the bad taste and it's an affordable way to treat your body every day. 21 Jan 2020 Jo Livingstone

Can't recommend enough, i started off with the cbd isolate and curcumin and is has helped with my joint pains, my energy level and has left me feeling fabulous, it's like iv had a massive shot of life force. I have since tried my 8 year old son on the cbd iso who struggles with autistic spectrum disorder and the first day I gave it to him he seemed relaxed and at ease within himself it was as though his internal coil had been loosened and that evening for the first time in his life he fell asleep within 15 minutes compared to the usual 2 hours!! thank you mother nature and iberoptima so so soooooo very much ❤ 9th Jan 2020 Jodi Bull

These products couldn't be safer and healthier for your body and mind. Dont waste your hard earned money on other products if you suffer from ANY illness your life will change and you will be forever grateful. This is my 4th week and the medication I took on a daily basis which consisted of 12 tablets a day is no longer needed I feel so much better not only am I able to live without pain my mindset is also much more positive so YES I absolutely recommend this company and most of all trust the products. 26 June 2019 Debbie Armitage

Fast efficient service... as for the products ... I took a chance on a recommendation on CBD full spectrum for my dreaded hot flushes before product I experienced 20-30 a day now 1 or two a week to non existent... works for me. !!! 2nd Dec 2019 Tina Fitzgibbon

I’ve been taking the turmeric now for two weeks, came home from working all day and for some reason I got the urge to jet wash my roof tiles, first time in 14 years and never had that urge or energy for that matter before. I’ll be doing gymnastics in a month lol x feeling fab x 8th July 2019 Tracie Smith-Rowley

I have been taking CBD for joint pain and arthritis for just over 2 weeks and am definitely feeling the difference..am also taking the turmeric supplement for a similar amount of time and have noticed boosted energy there are probably more benefits that have not been identified yet but really do feel great...9th July 2019 Gerry Evans