What does Micelle Enhanced mean?

Most CBD oil products are delivered dissolved in oil. However, oils are in general not absorbed very well in the human body as our body consist mainly out of water. Our Micelle-enhanced CBD oil, receive one more step that changes how the oil is delivered into the user’s bloodstream.

Micelle-enhanced CBD oil is when the CBD compounds themselves are surrounded and coated with a layer of microscopic balls of molecules. These spheres have a core which has an affinity to fat and oil and an exterior which has an affinity to water. These nano lipid spheres (or micelles) form a sphere around the oil, allowing for the oil to be dissolved in water. In fact it is more an emulsion in water than a real dissolving of the CBD oil. Micelles are super small spheres (size between 20-30 nanometer) made of phospholipids — the basic building blocks of cell membranes – and easily pass these cell membranes.

The biggest advantages micelle enhanced CBD oil in water has over regular CBD oil dissolved in oil are:

  • The micelle enhanced CBD oil in water is absorbed much faster by your body. It does not have to pass your digestive system to be absorbed. Absorption starts already in the mouth as, contradictory to the CBD in oil products, the micelle enhanced CBD oil in water easily and quickly passes the cell membranes.
  • All CBD oils that are delivered dissolved in oil (almost all of the major brands in the market) have to pass your digestive system to be absorbed by your body. This not only delays the absorption (and therefor increase the time it takes before you notice any results) but also reduces its effectiveness. After passing your digestive system the CBD oil will pass your liver which converts the CBD oil in its metabolites which have no benefits to you. It has been scientifically established that only 5 to maximum 20% of the CBD oil that passes your digestive systems, arrives in your blood. Mostly this tops out at 10% but can be improved by taking these oils with a fatty meal. Micelle Enhanced CBD oil in water does not pass your digestive system as it is absorbed earlier and delivers a close to 100% of bioavailability for the CBD oil taken.

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