Micellar Vitamin C 10% Water Soluble
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Micellar Vitamin C 10% Water Soluble

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Fresh out of development we introduce our Micellized Water soluble Vitamin C.

Super potency using the patented Mycell technology and 75 times stronger than free vitamin C.  This antiviral, anti aging, immunity booster is an essential in your 'keep well' Armory.  It may reduce the risk of chronic disease, help manage high blood pressure, lower your risk of heart disease & protect the memory.  It might help prevent iron deficiency and is an essential part of skin health both as an antioxidant and as a critical factor for collagen synthesis.

Dissolved in water and absorbed in your bloodstream up to 15 times faster than regular oils, due to its innovative award winning Swiss formulation. This means faster and better results with less drops than you are used to taking, therefore saving you money!! Maximum bioavailability, size 10ml.

ingredients: absorbic acid (vitamin C) 100mg/ml, water, arabic gum