Increasing the efficiency of active product ingredients (APIs) by Micelle-Technology

Absorption of fat-soluble substances

The absorption of orally administered substances takes place in the intestinal cells. The substances must overcome the intestinal cell barrier, before they enter the bloodstream. That can be done only in water-soluble form. Substances that can not dissolve in water or are poorly soluble in water - generally fat-soluble substances - must be converted by the body. This transformation process requires time and energy. Due to the limited length of stay in the digestive tract only a part of it is converted.

Absorption: facts and consequences

Substances that are not absorbed by the organism are excreted and virtually lost.The relation of really absorbed substance to the amount supplied is called bioavailability.The bioavailability of many active ingredients (APIs) is relatively low, for cannabidiol (CBD) only 5 - 20% get into the bloodstream.


  • only a small amount of the active substances can be effective.
  • many of the active ingredients get lost on their way to the place of action.
  • high costs due to unused active  substances
  • dosage difficult, as substances enter the food cycle

Micellization makes API’s water-soluble

We developed a method to overcome the intestinal cell barrier using the example of nature.By micellization fat-soluble substances are converted with purely natural excipients, so that they can easily be absorbed by the organism.Bioavailability is increased to almost 100% Examples of such API’s are: Vitamin D3, E, K2, omega 3, cannabidiol or curcumin-extract and many more.This patented micelle-technology has been awarded with the CPhI World Formulation Award for the World's Best Pharma, Medical and Nutrition Formulations.

Product Micelle

Micelles are aggregated molecular complexes of amphiphilic molecules or surface-active substances.

Added value of micellization

  • Oral intake of active ingredients possible, good soluble in water
  • High bioavailability, up to one hundred percent
  • Good dosable
  • Versatile use, applicable for all fat-soluble substances
  • Lower amount of active ingredients necessary for the same effect
  • One hundred percent natural, no use of polysorbates or glycerides
  • High stability (gastric acid, redox reaction, pH value)
  • Remains homogenous distributed in a liquid

Potentials of Micelle technology

Can be used in pharmaceutical, cosmetics as well as nutritional supplements. Technology can set new standards for API delivery. Increases potential for oral medical application. Protection of API’s by wrapping with a film. Close to two hundred ingredients already solubilized


Excellence in Pharma: Formulation
MiVital AG – Micell Inside Solubilisation

  • Was judged and awarded in 2018 by an international jury of pharmacy
  • Scientific studies confirm the increased effectiveness
  • Process is GMP certified