Frankincense (Olibanum) Water soluble, Micelle Enhanced
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Frankincense (Olibanum) Water soluble, Micelle Enhanced

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This 10 ml bottle contains our amazing Micellized Frankincense. Proven to be a psychoactive antidepressant with anxiolytic effects it can also help with nausea, chest coughs, fever, and arthritis due to its inflammatory effects.  It can help reduce feelings of anxiety, maintains good oral health due to strong antibacterial/antiviral/antimicrobial properties, and diminish signs of aging, among other demonstrated activities like gut health, asthma and may reduce side effects of cancer.  It can be used cosmetically, medicinally, and for eliminating surface and airborne bacteria.  Due to its anti parasitic qualities some of our clients are having great success using it for leishmaniasis for dogs.

Our Frankincense micellized formula is dissolved in water and is absorbed in your bloodstream up to 15 times faster than regular essential oils, due to its innovative award winning Swiss formulation. This means faster and better results with less drops than you are used to taking. Maximum bioavailability, therefore saving you money. Size 10ml

Ingredients: Olibanum (Boswellia serrata) 25mg/ml, water, arabic gum